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Cyber Security

Protection Designed For The Entire Enterprise

IT Security Services is a suite of information-eccentric, flexible managed backup and protection services designed for the entire enterprise. These services are structured to meet appropriate requirements of accessibility, integrity, and recover-ability – whether it is within the workplace, the data center, or the entire enterprise, and are available as usage-based pricing.

Based on five data classifications, service levels are based on the data’s business value and its requirements for cost-effective data protection throughout its entire life. You can choose back-up interval ranges from days to the last transaction, using technology for data recovery ranging from days to less than a minute. This suite of proven, managed services – integrated hardware, software, and service solutions – cover the entire range of storage architectures and information demands yet are intelligently tailored to your business.

Its bundle of hardware, software, and services is designed to complement and support Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) storage framework through consistent architectures and seamless integration with existing offering, and being a solid foundational roadmap for future storage offerings. For example, Information Protection Services do not address archiving features and services, but can share infrastructure building blocks with information optimization and ILM services in general to allow for seamless integration.


  • Enterprise-wide flexible service options for data protection supporting flexible business requirements.
  • Full range of managed services for different classes of business data and protection requirements.
  • Recovery Time Objective/Recovery Point Objective (RTO/RPO) driven managed services deliver the right level of information protection depending on business value and recovery requirements.
  • Uses tested architectures and configurations based on proven technology.
  • Monitoring, management, and support services for hardware and software, consisting of vendor liaison, maintenance, change, and problem management.
  • Integrated with Managed Storage Service offering for disk provisioning, delivering utility services for the information protection segment.
  • Available as leveraged service within an data center solution or as a dedicated service at the client’s site.
  • Integrated technologies from Alliance partners and other-in-class technology partners.


  • Ready to use standard managed services without preinvestment or ownership in hardware.
  • Storage technologies implemented in a managed service utility model from in-class storage technology leaders.
  • Consistent delivery, cost efficiency, operational service excellence, and peak technological innovation.
  • World-class managed services that satisfy your unique requirements.
  • Business growth while managing your storage and IT-related costs.

Mobile Information Protection (MIP)

MIP services are available as client-dedicated or as a leveraged data center solution.

It is focusing on workplace environments where data is kept on personal workstations and not shared or shared only in a very limited way. It is used in normal business operations; recovery time can take minutes or hours without severe operational business impact. In case of loss or damage of primary data, an alternative source is created for accessing or reconstructing information. Current solution designs incorporate near line (disk) storage technologies to meet SLA’s and provide a viable and cost-effective technology option.

These service provides a fast, automatic, and transparent solution for backing up and restoring data on static and remote/mobile computing platforms. If a lost, stolen, or damaged desktop/laptop incident occurs, MIP service will restore a user’s data files (including PST), desktop icons, and Internet favorites to the most recently backed-up versions.

Business Important Protection (BIP)

BIP speeds up data protection and restore for data contained in server file systems and databases supporting business applications used for business processes such as procurement, project management, supply chain management, and self-service personnel management. Recovery time for this data is allowed to be in the range from minutes to hours to avoid severe impact to the business.

Business Important Information Protection Service (BIIPS)

Enhances the centralized backup to tape service by introducing a disk-based backup environment, where creation of and access to backup copies avoids delays and bottlenecks that are inherent to tape media management and operations. RAID protected pools of high-capacity disk storage are seamlessly integrated into data protection processes to avoid delays and failures.

BIIPS are available as client-dedicated or as a leveraged data center solution.

Business Crucial Protection Services (BCPS)

The services are available as client-dedicated or as a leveraged data center solution. The enhancements require Storage Services solutions for primary storage to be in place.

Business Crucial Protection targets data protection for enterprise wide business operations that support revenue growth, productivity, and efficient cost-of-goods sold. Making certain recovery time is in the range of minutes, data replication technologies provided by intelligent storage are used to enhance data availability and integrity. Point-in-time copies deliver rapid data restoration, supporting non-intrusive backups with immediate copies of large data volumes, all without affecting normal business operations.

Mission Critical Protection Services (MCPS)

Are available as client dedicated or leveraged datacenter solution. The enhancements require Storage Services solutions for primary storage to be in place.

Mission Critical Protection Data (MCPD)

MCPD is data used in “key business processes”. Mission Critical data is used in key business processes and can account for up to 15 percent of data stored online.

Losing access to this data means loss of revenue and the survival of the business is at risk. Mission-critical data is best suited for high availability storage environments using local and remote replications for direct recovery.

Maintaining synchronized copies of mission-critical data is a requirement for Mission Critical Protection strategies.